Simulator Subsystems

Our simulator is not only about the RADAR console. To complete the ATMIS Simulator integrated solution, different subsystems have been developed to ensure a realistic and accurate full-scale ATC environment.

ATMIS AWIF – Weather Information and Forecast Display

  • any change in weather conditions, wind speed or direction, visibility, present weather etc., are accurately presented in the AWIF Display;
  • automatic 30-minute weather update is generated in METAR coding;
  • specific messages are automatically generated if special conditions are reached;
  • touch entry display compatible;
  • full integration with 3D TOWER environment and FX management;

ATMIS SMR – Surface Movement Radar

  • presents all aircraft and vehicles on the surface of the airport;
  • information is presented in similar ways to commercial SMR systems;
  • targets are augmented with callsigns for identification;
  • provide warnings in the event of potential conflicts between aircraft on the runway;

ATMIS EFS Electronic Flight Strip Console

  • electronic progressive strips can be used in addition or instead printed strips;
  • touch display compatible;
  • available in multiple UI versions to accommodate various vendor configurations;

ATMIS LCP – Lights Control Panel Display

  • ILS Status Display is also provided;
  • approach lights and varying levels of intensities can be selected;
  • runway lighting and intensity levels can be selected;
  • taxiway lights can be accessed and controlled;
  • LLZ, GP and DME Status for each runway can be controlled;
  • alarm sounds are provided for equipment malfunction;
  • touch entry display compatible;

ATMIS FDE – Flight Data Equipment

  • this component is part of Flight Data Processing System;
  • it manages clearance delivery and flight plan processing tools;
  • currently functionality is taken by newer simulator tools;

ATMIS VCS – Voice Communication System

  • there is no ATC exercise without the appropriate VCS;
  • together with our partners we also deliver fully integrated VCS components;
  • recent versions of our system also support voice recognition;