3D Tower Simulator

Sim SOFT’s 3D Tower Simulator provides realistic training for Tower Air Traffic Controllers in a non-operational environment. The 3D Tower Simulator is a full-scale Air Traffic Control Tower simulator providing an interactive, highly realistic environment for controllers training.

It realistically replicates operations that enable training in an absolutely safe environment. In addition to initial training the 3D Tower Simulator provides for refresher training to heighten awareness of controllers from repeated exposure to seldom seen operations and airport conditions. Before departing on a change of assignment, transferring certified controllers may prepare for and actually train on the operations they will encounter at their new assignment thereby greatly reducing the training time required when they arrive.

The 3D Tower Simulator can be used in non-training applications. It aids in site surveys for proposed new construction on or near the airfield as well as assisting in the planning of new runways or changes in local arrival or departure procedures in an accurate and safe simulated environment.
The simulator will be operated by local facility air traffic personnel since it is designed for minimal support. It is a self-contained simulator that instructor can turn-on, select training scenario, and conduct training.

The simulator is not connected to the operational systems in any way. It is a self-contained simulation system that only needs power outlets from the ATC facility to operate.


  • complex and realistic scenarios;
  • ATC-friendly data preparation;
  • covers all levels and types of training;
  • easy to learn and use;
  • user-friendly pseudo-pilot interface;
  • effortless system expansion;
  • integrated with a Radar Simulator;

Main features


  • range of supported hardware allows system to fit any budget;
  • different visual system solutions are available: Large LCD Displays, Large Flat Segmented Screen or Wide Cylindrical Screen;
  • different sizes for the panoramic out-of-the-window image, up to 360 degrees, can be provided;