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More About Us

We Are Sim Soft

Sim Soft is a young and dynamic company, founded by Air Traffic Controllers, aiming at building the most effective tools for training and evaluating fellows Air Traffic Controllers. Our experience exceeds 15 years in the field of air traffic management and specific software development.


The company was founded on the basis of a partnership between two experienced air traffic controllers. The idea of developing an air traffic control simulator appeared while attending the Superior School of Civil Aviation, which, at that time, owned a good yet obsolete version of such an traffic simulator. The first version comprised of a 2D tower simulator. Later a more complex and impressive 3D tower simulator was developed, becoming the most importat product of the simulators portofolio.


As the need of forwarding the program arose, the simulator became more and more of an integrated version, covering the whole aspects of the air traffic control enterprise.


Our solution was build in respect for two major factors: european air traffic management requirements and increased attention to operability and usability requirements of air traffic controllers. This combination has generated high user adoption and lower administration efforts reducing overall solution implementation and maintenance costs.


Air Traffic Management Integrated Simulators

Air traffic control is a complex discipline where the contribution of a well-trained air traffic controller is essential for the proper functioning of air traffic & safety globally. Route, approach, respectively tower air traffic control units are different divisions of air traffic control mechanism, and each have their own specific training needs.

Obviously the air traffic controller’s training within these units is of utmost importance and has a direct impact on keeping the quality of air traffic services. Air traffic simulators are the optimal solution for achieving this goal.

ATMIS’s Simulators provide realistic training for Air Traffic Controllers in a non-operational environment. The 3D Tower Simulator and Radar Simulator are full-scale simulators providing an interactive, highly realistic environment for training and evaluation purposes.

Major Benefits of ATMIS